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MindManager Renew Academic Subscription per seat Add-on for 1000-User Site License (3 Year)

Full MindManager Suite + MM for MS Teams

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Mindmanager MindManager Renew Academic Subscription per seat Add-on for 1000-User Site License (3 Year) LCMMPCMSUB3A4AOR 120502

Product description:

Renew MindManager Academic Subscription per seat Add-on for 1000-User Site Licence (3 Year). MindManager is a powerful and intuitive visualisation tool that mirrors the way we naturally think, understand, and learn.

Key features:

  • Mind maps – Go from brainstorm to project execution and get your ideas out as quickly as you can think of them. See your projects take shape as you assign resources, costing, and more. 
  • Organisational charts – Simply and easily create a snapshot overview of everyone on your team, on a project, or within an organisation. Add images and stylize it just the way you like it.
  • Timelines – Effectively lay out plans, projects, roadmaps, deliverables, and more along a timeline that will give your stakeholders a clear and impressive overview.
  • Flowcharts – Chart your path to a better outcome. Create concise, professional flowcharts that help you analyse, design, document, or manage a process or program.
  • Concept maps – Get a visual representation of relationships between ideas and information that takes your thinking to the next level.
  • Venn and onion diagrams – See the relationship among sets of items to identify similarities and differences, and visualise the dependencies among parts of an organisation or process.
  • Kanban boards – Kanban boards are an agile project management tool that allow you to visualise work, arrange a team’s workflow, and ensure maximum efficiency of your projects.
  • Funnel charts – Get a clear, visual representation of multiple stages in any process that relates to your business. Funnel charts can be used to identify potential problem areas.
  • Matrix diagrams – Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Matrix diagrams are a great tool to display the relationships between multiple data sets.