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Get fantastic multibuy savings with our Pivo bundles! Choose between a Pivo Active and a Pivo One, a smart mount and travel case.

The Pivo Active

Create better videos and photos using your smartphone with 360° Motion Tracking, Target Exposure and Auto Zoom powered by AI technology. Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones.


Pivo Pod One

Turn your phone into your personal camera crew. Create engaging content for your subscribers with smooth, high-quality, face and body tracking. Perfect for Vlogging and Presentations.



Bundle contents


The Pivo Active

The training partner you've always wanted - Pod Active helps you record your ride, track your progress, and become a better rider.

Jam, skate, and create - This isn't the roller rink. Skate where you want and Pod Active will capture every spin.

Wherever you go, Pivo follows - Auto Tracking keeps you in the shot while you move around, no videographer required.

Ready, set, motion track - Horse Tracking. Four different speeds to record every ride without missing a trot.

Change the way you video call - Make video calls with Pivo+. Auto Tracking makes your remote lessons and online training sessions more dynamic and engaging.

Fun is only one click away - The easy-to-use Fun Create Modes allow you to make playful content without any editing expertise.




The Pivo One

Ready, set, track - Wherever you go, Pivo follows. Auto Tracking keeps you in view, so you’ll never miss a take again.

Hands-free video calls - Yep, solo calls can be effortless and engaging. With hands-free technology, high-quality video, and crystal clear focus, your calls are elevated. Show‘em every move.

Bring the creativity - Capture the moment. Take a walk on the wild side with 12+ built-in Fun Create Modes.




Travel Case Mini

Keep it safe and simple - Ready for when you need to get up and go with just your Pod and Remote Control. Get creative anytime, anywhere.

Light and durable - The travel case is perfectly designed to keep your Pod and Remote Control secure while you’re on the move.

Tight fit - Keeps your Pivo and Remote Control safely secure

Compact construction - Designed for performance




Smart mount

Left, right, or upside down, the Smart Mount aligns your angles just right. The essential Pivo accessory for capturing any shot.

  • Universal clamp
  • Portrait & Landscape Setup
  • Forward & backward tilt