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Back to School


Edtech.Direct has got you covered for all your back to school needs with an extensive range of tech gadgets, accessories and software. If you have any specific needs please don't hesitate to get in contact with us and one of our friendly team of experts will be happy to help you.


The Go-Box


Make significant savings in time and effort with a Go-Box. This handy product enables you to mass automate Chromebook enrollment and configuration for up to16 devices at once. Where previous options for device enrollment were limited to either external white glove services, manual enrollment one device at a time or a DIY hack, the Go-Box gives you a nice simple all in one solution to enrol multiple devices at the same time.

  • Automate 16 Chromebooks at a time - Running 16 Chromebooks at a time, (each port operates asynchronously) helps you achieve the highest throughput.
  • No coding knowledge needed
  • - Go-Box is simple and easy to work with, no technical experience necessary.
  • User interface easy to set up - Our user interface makes setup a breeze. Watch your scripts run in real time to make sure it’s working just right.
  • Fully supported in case you get stuck - The Go-Box support team are on hand Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm US Eastern time, for technical support.





ScreenBeam 1000 Edu with Classroom Commander


Wireless screen mirroring is an essential tool for moving teachers from the front of the classroom and into the classroom, making it easier to connect and collaborate with their students. The result is the right kind of teacher and student interactions that foster creative productivity and encourage meaningful collaboration. The need is clear and it is already being met by education institutions all over the world. Keep scrolling to hear from ScreenBeam experts that are making a difference every day in their classrooms and getting the most out of their devices.

  • Native Extended Display - Unlike many application-based solutions, ScreenBeam natively supports Windows and macOS extended screen mode ensuring content privacy while keeping the device screen available for other actions.
  • Wireless Touch and InkingCombine native Windows Inking across Office 365 applications with a touch display and ScreenBeam to share notes, presentations and more directly to student devices or the front of room display.
  • Wireless Mobile Document Camera - With ScreenBeam, teachers can accomplish the same function of a document camera with their mobile device. Simply turn the Webcam feature in your mobile device into an instant, mobile document camera!
  • Walking Digital Whiteboard - Microsoft Whiteboards make it easy for teachers to organise and communicate ideas creatively. ScreenBeam turns that into a mobile experience to take student interaction and collaboration to a new level.





Avid Headsets


When taking a test or connecting with students online, the last thing you need is difficult audio to stand in your way. Through collaboration with industry professionals, we’ve created affordable audio solutions that make connecting online effortless, safe, and tailored to your learning needs.

    • 20 Series, Designed for pre-school and primary students - The 20 series is the latest addition to AVID’s product line focused on addressing the audio and comfort needs of the younger student. Improving voice and sound clarity for story listening, interactive curriculum, speech and reading assessments.

  • 30 Series, Designed for primary and secondary students - The lightweight 30 Series boasts impeccable sound quality while still being able to endure day to day wear and tear. The first-rate features and sleek design of the AE-35, AE-36 and AE-39 will take your classroom to the next level.
  • 50 Series, Designed for junior and secondary school students - While choosing headsets for testing season, look no further than the AVID 50 Series. Well-equipped and comfortable to boot, the AE-54, AE-55 and AE-55 USB meet the strictest of testing requirements and are built to last.
  • 70 Series, Designed for secondary and college / university students - The new 70 Series is designed specifically for the older student on their learning journey. Staying connected is critical for students and educators to thrive in any educational environment. With the new AE-75, the ability to stay connected is strengthened with better focus and communication.




Ipevo Classroom Visualisers


Ipevo classroom visualisers are an excellent in class tool to scan and read documents. The camera plugs into your computer and then works as either a scanner or projector. Quickly take pictures of written work and upload them to your computer so that you can have a digital copy. There is also a great range of additional software available for the IPEVO range to get even more out of your visualiser:

  • IPEVO Visualiser: - IPEVO Visualisers allow you to display the video feed from your computer camera, record it, modify it, and more. That means you can use it to show what your camera sees, either on a big screen or in an online conferencing app.
  • IPEVO iDocCam: - iDocCam is an app that allows users to use their smartphones’ cameras as a visualiser for capturing live instructions or physical materials and then projecting them onto a big screen for viewing.

  • Expand Your Wireless Freedom. - Connect your IPEVO wireless visualiser via WiFi to an iPad or Android Tablet using IPEVO WHITEBOARD. You can then display, adjust, draw, or annotate on the live image.
  • Get in control: - CamControl provides basic controls for your IPEVO visualiser, that allow on-the-fly adjustments of your camera's settings and don't require much of your computer's performance.
  • The Accessibility Software for Your Visualiser: - IPEVO Visualiser LTSE is the first accessibility software designed for our visualisers. With assistive features such as voice-over, keyboard accessibility, video filters, magnifier, and reading aids built-in, low vision users can freely and easily navigate through it to adjust the live images coming from a USB or wirelessly connected IPEVO visualiser using the keyboard alone.
  • Fully Utilise Your Interactive Whiteboard. Maximise your creativity and fully utilise the potential of your interactive whiteboard by using IPEVO Annotator. It’s packed full of annotation tools that allow you to draw and annotate freely on images projected onto the screen.
  • A simple way to tweak the image: - VirtualCam Controller creates a virtual camera using your selected camera's video feed and allows you to mirror its image and adjust keystone correction.



Corel Software


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite:

  • Multifaceted, collaborative software for illustration, layout, photo editing & graphic design.
  • Cutting-edge tools - Achieve next-level creativity with AI-powered image solutions, advanced font technology & more.
  • Game-changing collaboration - Connect colleagues and clients in a centralised cloud environment to streamline reviews & approvals like never before.
  • Powerful productivity - Accelerate workflows with a flexible design space that puts you in control.

CorelDRAW Technical Suite

  • Comprehensive, versatile software for technical illustration & drafting.
  • Extraordinary precision - Find a range of precise illustration and design tools to create detailed technical documentation with exact specifications.
  • Exceptional productivity - Enjoy a seamless workflow from opening 2D and 3D source files, photos, documents and data, to producing, collaborating on, and publishing technical communications.
  • A complete solution - Count on this complete suite of professional design applications for authoring technical documentation, reviewing, and publishing detailed illustrations with ease.





Powergistics Tower Chargers


Charging and storage solutions for every device in your school: PowerGistics has the perfect solution — modern, mobile charging carts for schools. With an accessible design paired with transparent doors to let you see all your devices at once, these classroom charging stations will make device handling a stress-free experience.

Charging and Storage for Classroom Laptops - PowerGistics has a range of diverse products to choose from, with various amounts of shelves and storage space. You can choose a stationary laptop charging station for your classroom, or you could get a mobile cart you can wheel around from one area to another. Whatever your storage needs are, PowerGistics has the product for you. With laptop carts for your school, you can promote organisation and efficiency to make your day run smoothly.

Charging and Storage for Classroom Chromebooks - Chromebook storage for classrooms is crucial — it extends the life of your devices and ensures students can easily find their Chromebooks the next day. PowerGistics gives you the ideal Chromebook charging station for your classroom. Choose from any of our products for charging and storing Chromebooks depending on your storage needs and enjoy the easy design of PowerGistics solutions.

Charging and Storage for Classroom Tablets - You can choose from various storage solutions and designs, and you can even personalise your station with your school colours. Customise your charging station with our School Spirit Series, a fun and unique way to align a great product with your school’s branding. You can wall-mount the Tower, make it free-standing by adding a Stand, or make it mobile by adding a Roller. All charging stations also come with an antimicrobial paint coating for protection against germs.

Charging and Storage for Classroom iPads - PowerGistics offers central iPad storage for classrooms, creating a way for teachers to track these devices and ensure they’re safe at all times. The Core12 is a wall-mounted storage station with 12 shelves that can store your iPads. This Tower also comes with an adjustable TechStop, which keeps devices at the front of the shelf so that students can have easy access.

Charging and Storage for Classroom Mobile Devices - PowerGistics has you covered for all your mobile devices. The TechStation10 can charge and store tablets and mobile devices, along with almost anything else that can plug into a USB port.




Computer Accessories


Both J5 and Manhattan have an extensive range of computer accessories in their respective ranges. Whether you need a webcam, docking station, replacement charger or cable we are sure to stock whatever you need.

Docking Stations - Get the most out of your computer with a docking station. Link up to multiple screens and charge and connect multiple smart devices simultaneously. See our full range of docking stations here.

Webcams - As schools adapt more to becoming more interactive, having the tools to stay connected to students regardless of their location is more and more important. Our fantastic range of webcams allows students and teachers to stay connected even when they aren't in the classroom.

Cables and adaptors - Whether you need a replacement charger, a new USB or HDMI cable or an adaptor we have you covered. See our comprehensive range of cables and adaptors here.